Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"Life of Andrew Jackson" Ed. John S. Jenkins

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Life of Andrew Jackson (Life Of... (Attic Books))Story behind the story:
This Attic Books/New Leaf Publishers book was sent to me by request with no requirement to write a positive review. That’s the story… Yeah, that’s it.

Story Line:
Andrew Jackson – He’s more than just a 20 dollar bill! He was president, you know. He was just a young boy when the Revolution broke out, but he has at least one legend that follows him. He was known for his “scuffles” with the Indians (not even gonna touch that one). Battle of New Orleans, relentless, stubborn, and strong.

The Real Story:
It’s a Biography – and as I told you with Chesterton’s “I HATE biographies.” Now, New Leaf Publisher’s probably wishes they had read that one before sending this to me. BUT, I LOVE primary source material.  That’s possibly the greatest boast of this book is that it is a reprint of an 1850 original. Considering Andrew Jackson died in 1845, it provides insight into that time and culture not just by telling about it, but being a part of it.

Half the book is a record of his life with surprisingly little about his presidency. The remainder is a mix of Eulogies, His Inaugural Address, a couple documents written during his presidency, Farewell Address, and his Last Will and Testament. The book (if it can’t be the original) looks great with rough edged and compact size.

Only holdback is – Wow, so this is supposed to be a resource for grade school students. Honestly, it’s a little much. Language and culture that is unfamiliar and slowly paced. But great Primary Source!

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4 out of 5 Vetos (that's still a good thing)

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