Thursday, May 24, 2012

"Wait No More" by Kelly and John Rosati

Snack of Choice:
Can I just say, I think I’ve rediscovered pretzels!  Not only is it a fantastic word to say – “pretzels”– it’s also a healthy snack.  Did youknow it’s fat free?  I’m surprised thatAuntie Anne’s hasn’t picked up that advertising factoid.

Story behind the Story:
You know how you’d like to read a book addressed to a very specific and perhapssmall audience, but know that its to obscure to get a publisher to stand behindit?  I wanted a book addressing adoptionby believers through the U.S.foster care system. Ta-da! Thank you Tyndale and Focus on the Family.  May is National Foster Care Month, but thatdoesn’t mean I’m required to give a positive review.

Story Line:
The Rosati family has six members.  Buttheir journey isn’t what you think.  Godplaced this family together piece by piece in various ways and circumstances,but all their children had one thing in common – a life before the RosatiFamily.  “Wait No More” is one family’samazing adoption journey through the United States Foster Care system. Just towarn you, it’s not like the commercials you hear on talk radio. It’s filledwith difficulties and disappointments and victories and miracles – and theywouldn’t trade it for the world.

Kelly and John (sounds mostly like Kelly though) have a greatwriting style and storytelling ability.  Evento the end when you think there is nothing left to say, they pull out anotherincredible story.

The Real Story:
This book is exactly what I needed.  Mywife and I have seen the struggles and frustrations of the Foster Care system,and we’ve only been doing this for a year this month.  Not only do you raise children in your housewithout knowing the long term plan for their lives, but you have to deal with bureaucracyand reading between the lines of what your social worker tells you. “Chris,”you say, “you sound so frustrated!  Whydo it then? Why build your life around this flawed and faulty system?”  As a believer, I have to ask, “If I don’t doit. If I don’t step up – who will?” God has shown in so many ways His gracetoward my life, can’t I show a portion of that grace to the innocent around me?We are compelled to serve in this way because of HIS glorious love.

You can be a part of ministering to orphans and theinnocent.  READ THIS BOOK.  Look for all the different aspects of involvement. It’s not just being a foster parent. Youcan provide respite or childcare or support or advocacy!

This book will open your eyes to the reality of foster care andadoption.  One verse the Rosati’s sharedthat I love is Psalm 68:5-6: “A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows,is God in his holy dwelling. God sets the lonely in families,...”

Check out:
“Adoption” in Strong’s Concordance.

“Adopted for Life” by Russell Moore. (I haven’t read it, but Ihave it on an audio book:)

6 out of 6 children and families who will wait no more.