Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"Jesus Calling" (Deluxe Edition) by Sarah Young

Jesus Calling: Deluxe EditionSnack of choice:
It's been a Doritos kind of week! DISCLAIMER: Doritos did not require a favorable rating in order for me to buy them at the store.

Story behind the story:
This was one that's been on the shelf for a while. Thomas Nelson provided this book for me at no cost and does not and cannot require a favorable review in exchange. The reason is that it seemed a little to “feely.” Granted, I didn't really read through it until now, but in order for someone to speak on God's behalf... it seemed like it needed to drip with cliches.

Story Line:
I have to say, Mr. Nelson and the gang were trying to butter me up with this Deluxe Edition. The quality of the cover, and the book for that matter, was really exceptional. It's packaged very well.

In essence, this is a book of 365 daily devotionals that contain notes from the perspective of Jesus to me (the reader). The reading for each day is very short and leaves us with two Bible references for the day to look at and meditate on.

The Real Story:
I know, I know – to speak for Jesus is a tall and daunting task. That's why I try to let Him speak for Himself. And now you know why I was skeptical. I was, however, surprised and impressed by the insight the author provided into her purpose and methodology. It was more of an example than a quotation. It was about her journey to intimacy with God. She took a empty journal and began filling it with what God was speaking to her about. She based it on her quiet times, then stopped and stayed silent. She allotted time to just sit and dwell on what God was speaking to her about.

Her example is amazing. She didn't write this book for the five minute devo. She wrote it to point us toward listening... just listening to His voice. So grab and empty journal and begin the journey.

Check out:
Spurgeon's “Morning and Evening” Devotional, a good journal, a Bible, and a clockless room.

292 out of 365 days (4 out of 5) 

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