Monday, January 3, 2011

Girls Life Application Study Bible

Girls Life Application Study Bible NLT (Kid's Life Application Bible: Nltse)Snack of choice:

I have NO IDEA what I was snacking on while I was getting into this book, but let’s just say popcorn. There was also probably a Mountain Dew.

Story behind the story:
Excuse me… are you sure this is the one I’m supposed to review? You do realize that this is the Bible right? Ya know, God’s Word to mankind. The Voice of Wisdom and Purity in a world of complete chaos and disregard? [Sigh] ok, Tyndale, here goes – and thanks for a great book. Tyndale provided this book in exchange for a review. It doesn’t have to be favorable, but again… it’s a Bible!

Story Line:
A few things you should know. 1) It’s purple. 2) It has half a butterfly on both the front and back cover (making a WHOLE butterfly). 3) It’s a “girls” life application study Bible – preteen to early teen. And finally, 4) It’s not the Bible I will be preaching from in the near future.

You’ll have to deal with the translation yourself (NLT), but it seems to fit the intended audience. Book introductions are great and provide enough for growth without getting too “boring.” I’m always a fan of timelines. Helps us all put together where we are in Bible History. There are some great “Amazing Facts” that highlight big picture things that are going on and provide a reference for the specifics. There are “What Now?” sections that provide some application and some open ended questions.

The Real Story:
Ok. So this is an excellent resource for a young girl. I’m honestly looking forward to the opportunity to give it away to a student in AWANA who would really enjoy it. BUT, I will give you a couple of the downers. The cover seems a little cheap. It’s nice, don’t get me wrong, but it just doesn’t look right around the edges. Also, from MY perspective, the colors and flowers and craziness on the page edges is a little over kill. This coming from a man who is reviewing a purple Bible. A little tamer on the sides would go a long way in balancing it’s design. But my biggest pet peeve is that I couldn’t get into some of the pages. It’s a new Bible and mass produced, but the tops of many pages were stuck together. I thought I was going to rip the page trying to get them apart. So hopefully this will get into the hand of someone who is skillful at separating pages :)

Check out:
The Actual Text of the Bible. That’s where the REAL good stuff is.

3.5 out of 5 fluttering purple butterflies

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  1. Hey Chris, good job review the purple Bible. I will be praying for the young lady that gets this. No matter what color or translation God's word will remain the same and not return void.