Friday, February 8, 2013

"Bible Stories that End with a Hug" by Stephen Elkins (ill. by Simon Taylor-Kielty)

Snack of Choice:
Mr. Reese. I don’t know you personally, but I feel like we have a connection.  I’m not sure what other important things you’ve done in your life, but the pieces you somehow shaped have changed my life.  The “movie box” of Reese’s Pieces has been open!

Story behind the Story:
I’ve been on the hunt for some books that would really benefit my kids.  They LOVE books! In fact, they DIGEST books – literally. I think the Bible’s Ezekiel (3:3), Jeremiah (15:16), and John (Rev 10:10) would have a lot in common with these girls. Tyndale provided them with some pages to chew on (free copy) as long as they gave an honest review of the flavor vs. texture conundrum they’ve been dealing with.

Story Line:
Let me just point out the obvious, each of the 74 Bible Stories end with a hug! Awwww... Ok, now let’s move on. Also, essential, the book is designed for little ones.  Each Bible Story is on a two page spread. One page has title and Scripture where story is found along with an illustration with chubby kids filling the roles of David and Goliath (wouldn’t want to mess with him on the playground) as well as Daniel surrounded by some cuddly lions. The second page is a story summary with some questions in the middle. Along the far right column is the “BIG IDEA” application time. Each one ends with your kids giving you a hug. Maybe that’s why I like it so much.  Oh, and parents, feel free to give hugs back. The book is a padded hardcover with durable pages (for the most part).

The Real Story:
Children’s Bible story books are riddled with surface stories that don’t even contain any SCRIPTURE!  I understand the thought, but let’s give our kids more credit.  Let’s encourage them to READ the Bible, not just ABOUT the Bible.  I was very glad to see the balance in this book.  You are provided with the “story” portion, but you’re given God’s Word in two more ways. First, each story contains a passage reference to read together as they grow. And Second, a verse is written out that is pertinent to the subject matter. Love that!

Also there are A LOT of stories.  If you aren’t familiar with the stories of the Bible, it can be a great journey for you as a parent as well.  There is enough material in here to do devos with your kids (or without them) out of it for a while... then start again.

Check out:
Honestly, I can’t remember the name of it,  but my Mom used to read Bible stories from it. It was HUGE, I can still see the picture of Joseph being thrown into the pit by his brothers. His story has stuck with me because of that.

out of 5 tasty morsels of the Word of God.

OH, and the girls said that the first purple page was especially tasty!

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