Monday, April 2, 2012

"Is the Bible Reliable?" by TrueU and Stephen Myer

Snack of Choice:
Girl Scout cookies… Need I say more? Cause I can. Tagalongs. I think we’ve spent an entire paycheck on those puppies. I mean at $4 a box and 50% less cookies, they go fast! 
Story behind the Story:
Tyndale offered me this resource. I don’t need to write a positive review, but I know they would at least appreciate a review.

Story Line:
This is the second DVD study in the TrueU series by Focus on the Family. The first one “Does God Exist,” defends the truth by defeating erroneous objections to His existence. The second one focuses on His Word, the Bible – “Is the Bible Reliable?”. If you’ve heard of the “Truth Project,” highly recommended study material, you’re covering the same basic material in a different format. It’s repackaging is intended to draw young people and college students who are faced daily with rejecting or defending the faith.

The Real Story:
Set in a college classroom feel, you begin to think you should be paying by the credit hour. This series of lectures is very good and extremely detailed.  Dr. Myer (he really is a Dr. like not-just-playing-one-on-TV-but-also-not-the-one-who-does-CPR) takes his time and doesn’t feel forced to answer ALL the skeptics in one session. The study book was a nice addition, and the features on the DVD to “advertise” to your church or group we’re helpful. If you’re looking for curriculum that will equip believers and answer the skeptic, you’ve come to the right place. I’m sure they will continue to work through many of the same topics as the “Truth Project” and I look forward to seeing more.
Check out:
The Book of Romans: the thesis on God and His doctrine. – Great Apologetic resource from the North American Mission Board of the SBC.

5 out of 5 DVD box sets

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