Friday, February 11, 2011

"The Prince's Poison Cup" by R. C. Sproul

The Prince's Poison CupSnack of Choice:

Brooklyn Pizza... ordered the Godfather without the anchovies. A crime? Maybe.

Story behind the story:
I enjoy the written word as much as anyone. The question at hand is, “Do I enjoy the electronic word?” This is the first PDF version of a book that I have read, and it’s a good thing I started with one that had pictures. I should let you know I received this book from Reformation Trust. I’m not required to give a positive review, but they do ask that I do not malign the Word of God. I think I can agree to that!

Story Line:
Dr. Sproul tells his children’s story through a Princess-Bride-like lens (Grandfather/sick grandchild). He answers her question, “Why does what makes you better (medicine) taste so bad?” He tells her the story of a Prince who must drink from the poison in order to cure those with a stone heart. The story parallels Eden to the sacrifice that Christ made for us.

The Real Story:
As we begin the journey into foster care to adopt, I am eager to find ways to share with kids in a creative way the essential Message of Life. We never know how much and how long of an impact we can have on these kids. This is a great resource that gets right to the heart of the gospel. The illustrations are fantastic and stylistically appealing.

Perhaps the greatest value is in the Parent Pages at the end.  There are questions that parents can discuss that directly coincide with the story. The answers are provided through several Scriptures each. Talk about an answer key!

R.C. is not my favorite children’s author. There isn’t the rhyme and rhythm that you might expect, but he is one of the greatest theological minds of our time. We may not always agree, but I have always had great respect for this man and his ministry.

Check out:
The Story of Eden as found in Genesis; The Story of the Answer as found in John

4 out of 5 Lullabies. 

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