Thursday, January 14, 2010

"Tax Guide for Churches and Religious Organizations" by the IRS

Tax Guide for Churches and Religious Organization
by Internal Revenue Service

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Story behind the story:
My undergrad degree did not prepare me for this journey into the depths of the interaction between Church and State. Considering my position as an associate pastor with administrative responsibilities I figured it was about time to cross into the great unknown. It was free and can be downloaded at

Story Line:
Please know this review is in no way an endorsement of any political campaign and is not reflective of the position or views of New Hope Community Church, its leadership or its membership. That being said, its title does accurately reflect what’s inside.

The Real Story:
Honestly, I was a little surprised. It wasn’t half bad. I was introduced to Church Z, Pastor M, and Candidate C, etc etc etc…etc, through examples that were practical yet stacked against the 501(c)(3) organization. We discover together the status that Religious Organizations can benefit from within the tax laws. The bulk of the pages that followed spoke of how those tax benefits can be revoked with too much political activity on the part of the Religious Organization.

I really did grow in my understanding of Religious Law, which is great, cause I’m trying to fill out more paperwork for tax exemption of real property! (I know, too much fun for one evening).

Check out:

IRS.GOV; "Zondervan 2009 Church and Nonprofit Tax and Financial Guide" by Dan Busby, CPA
and “Revelation” as additional reading in Apocalyptic literature. 

4 out 5 suits with cases

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